How Often Should You Water Closed Terrarium Plants

how often to water terrarium plants

Water, light, and heat, are the basic moving pieces of maintaining a healthy and blooming terrarium. And while all are fairly simple to get right for more experienced terrarium builders, everyone started with the exact same google searches looking for the right answers. One of the main ones is, how often should you water your […]

11 Aquatic/Semi-Aquatic Plants For Terrariums & Paludariums

aquatic & semi aquatic plants

Many water/aquatic plants can be grown in a terrarium or paludarium, submerged or above water. These plants can be included in open or closed terrariums, terrarium ponds (also known as paludariums), closed ecosystems or even planted terrariums for pet reptiles or amphibians. If you want to add some greenery, diversity, a livelier ecosystem and aesthetic […]

16 Best Animals For Your Desert Terrarium

desert terrarium animals

Many terrarium builders own a wide variety of terrariums that resemble diverse biomes. One of the most popular terrarium biomes to make is the desert terrarium, as it’s generally very easy to make, and is an excellent habitat for a lot of reptiles and other desert animals that people like to keep as pets. The […]