How to Make a Beautiful Mushroom Terrarium | Step-By-Step

how to make a mushroom terrarium

Finishing a minimalistic, and eye-catching terrarium design is one of the most satisfying parts of the building them. And a mushroom terrarium is just that. A few rocks, a log or cork bark, moss floor, a fern, and a few mysterious mushrooms. Like a part of the forest in your own home. So, here’s how […]

The 10 Best Micro & Mini Ferns for Terrariums

list of the best terrarium ferns

Simple Planting & Seperation I don’t think there’s a plant more suited to life in a terrarium than a fern. They’re typically high-maintenance plants to take care of because they grow in moist, humid, and warm places. That makes a closed terrarium the perfect environment for ferns, where the warmth and moisture are trapped, and […]

How to Build a DIY Lantern Terrarium in 5 Simple Steps

lantern terrarium in 5 simple steps

Building a lantern terrarium can be a hard task, but, we’ll make it tenfold simpler. Whether you found an old lantern lying around, or decided to buy a lantern for this build specifically, the process is simple. I’ve chosen a lantern with a hinged door so it’s easy to arrange everything inside. One note before […]

Does a Terrarium Need Sunlight (Simple Lighting Guidelines)

sunlight & terrarium lighting needs

Terrariums are essentially just small, sealed, indoor gardens and ecosystems. So when asking yourself does a terrarium needs sunlight, ask yourself do plants need sunlight. The answer may vary depending on the plants in question. But generally: All terrariums need a light source for the plants inside to survive. That light source can be sunlight, […]

How to Decrease Humidity in a Terrarium (And Keep It Down)

how to decrease humidity in open & closed terrariums

Terrariums, especially closed terrariums, have inherently high humidity. But it only becomes a problem once it gets excessively high and causes things such as mold growth, constantly fogged glass, and worst of all root rot. To decrease humidity in a closed terrarium simply open it periodically and let the humidity escape. For an open terrarium, […]

The Mossarium Masterclass – How To Build A Moss Terrarium

the mossarium masterclass

Mosses are typically used as a peripheral plant in terrariums to add texture, color, and contrast the primary plants. A mossarium is a terrarium built exclusively with moss. Using a variety of moss in a terrarium creates wonderful color contrasts and textures that result in a unique and satisfying aesthetic. It’s a masterpiece of its […]

Polka Dot – The Perfect Terrarium Plant (Simple Care Guide)

polka dot plant terrarium

The Polka Dot Plant is one of the most popular indoor plants because of its distinct look and signature speckled white/pink patterned leaves. Classified as a shrub, the Hypoestes Phyllostachya (fancy name for Polka Dot Plant) is the main attraction for many terrariums. It’s durable and resilient, easy to care for, paired with a distinct […]

Bottle Terrarium – Here’s How To Make One In 5 Simple Steps

how to build bottle terrariums

You’re chilling at home, the Jack Daniels bottle is giving you looks, you recently got into terrariums, and you suddenly get this idea, an amazing idea, a terrarium in a bottle! But questions start crossing your mind. Is it possible? Will it work out? Not only is it possible, but it’s also the easiest terrarium […]

10 Best Animals & Insects For A Closed Terrarium

animals & insects for closed terrariums

The main aspect of making terrariums is the aesthetic art of creating a little garden and decorating it according to your personal style. But terrariums can be so much more than that, and merely observing them can become that much better once you add real bioactivity. Adding creatures and animals to your terrarium will transform […]

How Long Do Terrariums Last (If Properly Cared For) + Pro Tips

how long do terrariums last

We all want our beautiful terrariums to thrive and bloom as long as possible and always be as vibrant as they are when we built them. But, how long do they actually last? Under optimal conditions and when properly cared for terrariums can last for decades. Though the average terrarium only lasts from four months […]