About Me

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Hey visitor! Thanks for coming to my blog – and I hope you’re enjoying it (I try my best!).

I’m Jen! Nice to meet you.

Here on Blooming Biomes, I share what I’ve learned over the years of building terrariums, keeping and caring for a variety of exotic pets and plants, fish, my cat Critter, and my dog Mole. I absolutely adore the outdoors, and have a huge garden, with a small pond. While my day job is working with animals and has been for the past 7 years, my biggest hobby and the one I devote the most time to is building terrariums with my sister and our cousin. Together we’ve built over 100 terrariums, and we show off our collection on Pinterest. We even have a dedicated room for them.

Anyways, here on bloomingbiomes.com, I talk about my hobby, as well as my job, which has kind of turned into a hobby now. Everything you read is not only based on my personal experiences with animals and plants but also based on the thousands of people and experts that I’ve personally reached out to and consulted about many of the articles I write.

I give it my all to provide accurate, up do date, and also entertaining info so that you can properly do the things you love doing!

Thanks for reading!

Much love, Jen.